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    Since Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in today's world, making the provision of high quality infrastructure facilities absolutely imperative, and since providing an advanced transport network for the people of Dubai has been high on the government’s agenda, which is evident from its initiatives to enhance the public transport facilities and improve roads across the emirate to make travel safer and smoother.

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    The Board
    of Executive

    RTA is led by a Board of Executive Directors consisting of CEO of agencies and sectors CEOs are appointed by a decree

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    Our awards

    Every year RTA receive a range of awards that reflect our position as one of the world’s leading entities, in Transport Sector.

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    RTA media centre is the perfect platform to get all the information related to latest:

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    Our customers

    RTA aims to achieved excellent standard of services deliverable to all RTA customers with the best international practices in customer service field and establish standards to benchmark the performance in line with the international standards, and measure performance levels of services delivered by the RTA.

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    Our policies

    Out of our keenness to provide safe and seamless online processing and navigation experience that ensures protection for all RTA’s online related practices, we adopt transparent and ideal standards and measures to meet the customers satisfaction and realize the interests of RTA, while keeping our obligation to protect the privacy rights of both sides of business namely, RTA and its customers.